XE WISH is an innovative business model that stands at the forefront of market trends. The establishment of the company originated in China when the beginning of the development of foreign markets, Taobao has their market quickly extended to the world, especially the Southeast Asian market, resulting a dramatic increase of demand from consumers of RMB. XE WISH has become one of the leading foreign currency exchange companies which managed to keep up with the ever-changing trend.

XE WISH Group is also aware that only close to market demand, in order to keep up with the pace of ever-changing market. Therefore, XE WISH Group based on innovation, efficiency based on the original intention of the values, unity, progressive and harmonious sense of enterprise management style-oriented.

We not only strive to establish a long-term and reliable mutual trust with employees, customers and suppliers, but also pay attention to the surrounding market environment.


Future Project

In order to cope with the pace of ever-changing market, XE WISH has a very
own unique and efficient perspective of investment.
• 4G & 5G technology development.
• Mobile app development, especially in the field of tourism.
• Development of Third-party payment gateway and international licensed
money changer.
• Development of branding, enhancement of brand exposure in global market.
• Creating an auction platform for high-end luxury products.
• Projects of financing F&B Franchise business in South East Asia.
• Research and development of Eco Technology.
• Developing and unique and innovative concept of property development


Current Coverage

Koi Prima
 Puri Tower
 Calisa Melia
 Calisa N Condo Residence
 Serdang Skyvillas Apartment
 Seri Baiduri Apartment
 Mutiara Merdeka Condo
 Sri Pelangi Condo
 Lojing Heights 1
 Anggun Puri Condo
 Gardenview Residence